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1994 – Episode 7 Part 2 – Chad Gracey

Continuing their discussion on the album “Throwing Copper” by Live, Somewhere in Time welcomes Chad Gracey, drummer and one of the founding members of Live. Chad does a deep dive into the band’s history, what it was like seeing the band blow up when the song Lightning Crashes was released, and the state of the band now. Somewhere in Time appreciates Chad taking the time out to join them for this episode!

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1994 – Episode 6 – Is this an 80’s Sitcom?

In Episode 6 of their retrospective look at albums celebrating 30-year anniversaries, Somewhere in Time discuss the album “Youthanasia” by Megadeth. SIT welcomes their friend Justin back to this episode, as well as their friend Marshall. Both have a lot of great insight on the album, from the production, the gear used by Marty and Dave, and how some songs may sound a little more like sitcom theme music than metal.

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1994 – Episode 5 – Bostaph, Demons, and Ghoulies

Somewhere in Time Podcast continue their discussion of albums from the year 1994 with the album “Divine Intervention” by Slayer. The podcast welcomes back their friend, Justin, and discusses topics such as this being the first Slayer album to feature Paul Bostaph (formerly of Forbidden) on drums, lyrical content veering away from classic Slayer and more relevant to current events, and the overall opinion of the album.

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1994 – Episode 4 – Dr. Beefcake’s Toilet Earth

Somewhere in Time Podcast continue their discussion of albums from the year 1994 with the album “This Toilet Earth” by GWAR. This is the last album to feature Michael Bishop as Beefcake the Mighty and also the first featuring Pete Lee portraying Flattus Maximus. Friend of the show, Tom, once again joins the podcast for this episode. Tom is the resident GWAR expert, so it was kind of mandatory that he join in on the discussion.

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