1991 – Episode 13 (Part 3) – Ben Apatoff

In the final episode of a three-part series about Metallica’s Black Album, Tim and Eric are joined by the author of the book “Metallica: The $24.95 Book”, Ben Apatoff. Tim, Eric, and Ben discuss some of the research that Ben did when putting together the book, the recent Metallica Podcast, and more interesting Metallica stories from throughout the years. 

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1991 – Episode 13 (Part 2) – The Black Album Track by Track

In Part 2 of a 3 part episode, Eric, Tim, Joe, and Keith continue their discussion on the The Black Album by Metallica. This episode features a track by track breakdown of the album and includes some rare behind the scenes studio outtakes from the band that you may have never heard. Stay tuned for Part 3, where we interview the author of the Book “Metallica: The $24.95 Book”, Ben Apatoff.

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1991 – Episode 13 – None More Black (The Black Album)

In Part 1 of a 3 part episode, Eric, Tim, Joe, and Keith discuss the album Metallica, by the band Metallica (also know as The Black Album). Topics covered in this episode include the drastic change of the bands sound, expectations leading up to this release, clips of interviews with the band and Bob Rock, and listener feedback!

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1991 – Episode 12 – Horrorscope

Eric, Joe, Tim, and Keith are back to discuss more metal from the year 1991. This episode, they dig into the album Horrorscope by Overkill. The first album after the departure of Bobby Gustafson and the last album with Sid Falck, find out if that plays into the overall ranking of this album in the entire Overkill catalog.

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1991 – Episode 10 – Helmet Zone

Eric, Joe, Tim, and Keith are back to discuss more metal from the year 1991. This episode, they discuss the album “Symbol of Salvation” by Armored Saint. This was the last Armored Saint record to feature songs written by original guitarist Dave Prichard, before he passed away from leukemia. The guys discuss this and other interesting stories surrounding this album on this episode.

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1991 – Episode 9 – The Human Factor

In the fourth episode celebrating albums from the year 1991, Eric, Tim, and Joe (bonus footage featuring Keith) discuss the album The Human Factor by the band Metal Church. See what the reactions were and give us feedback on how you felt about this album back in the day!

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1991 – Episode 8 – Brad Divens

Eric, Tim, Joe, and Keith are joined by bass player and singer of Wrathchild America (and Souls at Zero), Brad Divens, to discuss the 1991 album, “3-D”. Among many other topics, Brad helps give insight to each song on the album, discusses some of the inspirations musically, and… reunion?!

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