2018 – A Year in Review – Part 2

In the latest episode of Somewhere In Time, Tim, Eric and Joe discuss more releases in 2018, including albums from Muse, The Pineapple Thief, Overkill, Dead Now, and Stone Temple Pilots. There were so many great releases in 2018...

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2018 – A Year in Review

In the latest episode of Somewhere In Time, Tim and Eric discuss their favorite releases of 2018, including the latest from Ghost, Voivod, and Clutch. Honorable mentions include A Perfect Circle, Machine Head, and Alien...

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Hidden Episode – Overrated Bands

We’re releasing a “hidden track” since it’s been so long since we’ve released a new episode. This episode was actually recorded back in April of 2018, but the audio quality was not up to par, so we...

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Episode 12 – More Metallica Blabber

Ripped directly from a YouTube Live broadcast from Tim and Eric on October 20th, 2018, Episode 12 of Somewhere In Time does a deep dive into live Metallica. Specifically the show that Tim and Eric attended in Pittsburgh on...

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Episode 11 Part 1 – Justice Files

In Part 1 of a 2 part episode of Somewhere In Time, Keith, Joe, Tim and Eric discuss all of the emails, comments, and sound clips that were submitted after Episode 10’s “…And Justice For All” episode....

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Episode 9 – Keith’s Betamax Porn

Episode 9 of Somewhere in Time features Tim, Joe, Eric, and Keith discussing three metal albums from the thrash metal movement known as SWOBAT – Second Wave of Bay Area Thrash (Ok, we may have made that up)...

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Episode 8 – John Bonham of Metal

In this episode of Somewhere in Time Podcast, Eric, Tim, and Joe are joined by fellow Pantera and HellYeah fan, Tom Hunt to discuss the life of one of the greatest metal drummers, Vinnie Paul Abbott. Pantera was a huge influence...

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