1992 – Episode 20 Part 2 – Vulgar Tracks

In the second part of their 2-part episode on the Pantera album Vulgar Display of Power, Somewhere in Time podcast do a track-by-track breakdown of the album. Not only is there insight on the musical aspect of the album, but there are some interesting facts about some of the lyrics and subject matter of each song. Find out where this album ranks amongst the entire Pantera collection (no surprise here…) and a lot more.

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1992 – Episode 20 – Vulgar Display Part 1

In Part 1 of a two-part episode, Somewhere in Time tackle the mighty Vulgar Display of Power by Pantera. If you’ve listened to the podcast before, you can probably guess how this episode goes. But there are a lot of things that were discovered during the research of this episode that is covered. Things such as the writing and recording process, what impact this album had on metal as a whole, and the efforts they went through to get the sound right on this album.

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1992 – Episode 19 – 100th EPISODE!

Somewhere in Time Podcast celebrates 100 episodes and what better way to do it than with a band that was discussed on their very first episode? GWAR! This time, it’s the 30th anniversary of thealbum “America Must Be Destroyed”. Also discussed this episode is the album Act of Faith by the band Mucky Pup. You could say that both these bands don’t take themselves too seriously, although the musicianship for both bands is definitely improved from previous works for each band. 100 Episodes down and there is no sign of Somewhere in Time Podcast slowing down anytime soon.

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1992 – Episode 18 – A Very Beastie Halloween

In this SPOOOOKY episode of Somewhere in Time Podcast, the topic of discussion is the 1992 album, “Check your Head”, by Beastie Boys. This album features some classic Beastie Boys songs, including one of their most famous, “So What’cha Want”. Find out how we collectively feel about this album, where some of those samples all over the album are pulled from, and where this ranks amongst our favorite Beastie Boys albums. 

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1992 – Episode 17 – Roscoe P. Mustaine

In Episode 17 of their discussion of albums from the year 1992, Somewhere in Time Podcast dive into the album Countdown to Extinction by Megadeth. Once again, Justin Hassler joins the podcast to offer some insight on the album. This one definitely gets the track-by-track breakdown, as it’s considered by many one of the bands crowning achievements. Find out what the rest of us think and where it ranks amongst our favorite Megadeth albums. 

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1992 – Episode 16 – How the Gods Kill

In Episode 16 of their discussion on albums from the year 1992, Somewhere in Time Podcast welcome friend of the podcast, Justin Hassler, to discuss the album Danzig III: How the Gods Kill by Danzig. This is the second to last Danzig album to feature the classic lineup of Danzig, Christ, Von, and Biscuits. Some classic Danzig tracks on this one for sure, such as Left Hand Black, Dirty Black Summer, and Do You Wear the Mark. Some other songs that may not be such classics, but deserve discussion. Where does this rank for you in the Danzig catalog? Listen to hear what the Somewhere in Time Podcast crew thinks. 

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1992 – Episode 15 – The Art of Vas Deferens

In Episode 15 of their discussion on albums from the year 1992, Somewhere in Time Podcast discuss the album The Art of Rebellion by Suicidal Tendencies. This album features some amazing musicianship throughout, as well as a bit of a different  vocal style from Mike Muir. How did that impact the overall rating of this album for this album? Take a listen and find out. Also, Tim shares a very interesting story about a consult visit he recently had…

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1992 – Episode 13 – Renewal

In this episode, Somewhere in Time Podcast continues their discussion on albums from the year 1992, covering the album by Kreator – “Renewal”. This album is quite divisive amongst fans, as its style is vastly different from previous offerings from Kreator. This is discussed, along with many other elements of the album.

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1992 – Episode 12 – Core

In Episode 12 of their run of albums from the year 1992, Somewhere in Time Podcast discusses yet another debut album. This time, it’s from San Diego based, Stone Temple Pilots, and the album is “Core”. STP got a lot of negative press when they first started, being compared to bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Is that a fair comparison? Was Weiland singing too much like Eddie Vedder? Find out what we think about this topic, and a lot more. 

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