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1992 – Episode 8 – Industrial Episode Part 1

In Episode 8 of their look back on albums from the year 1992, Somewhere in Time Podcast welcome Matt Carpenter and Aftab Datta to the podcast to discuss the albums Last Rights by Skinny Puppy and Broken by Nine Inch Nails. This is part one of a two-part episode covering some of the more popular industrial albums from 1992. Aftab and Matt are longtime friends of Keith and definitely have an opinion on Skinny Puppy that may or may not be shared with other members of the podcast. In Part two we will discuss the album Psalm 69 by Ministry. 

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1992 – Episode 7 – The Monkey’s eyes… are YOUR EYES!

Continuing the retrospective look at albums celebrating 30-year anniversaries, Somewhere in Time Podcast discuss the albums “Mondo Bizzaro” by Ramones and “The End of Silence” by Rollins Band. There is a clear connection between these two artists, given the impact that some of these musicians had on the punk rock scene, but these two albums do sound pretty different. 

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1992 – Episode 6 – The Ritual

Continuing the retrospective look at albums celebrating 30-year anniversaries, Somewhere in Time Podcast discuss the album The Ritual by Testament. The last album to feature the “classic” Testament lineup, there are some conflicting views on this album between the four hosts. What are your thoughts on this album? Did it meet your expectations as a Testament fan? Does it hold up over time? 

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1992 – Episode 5 – Angel Dust

Episode 5 of Somewhere in Time’s retrospective look on albums from the year 1992 focuses on Angel Dust by the band Faith No More. This was quite a turning point in the career of Faith No More. Everything from the vocal style of Mike Patton to the evolution of their music is discussed in this episode. A lot of people may have been expecting to get “Epic” part 2 when this album was released, but that is certainly not the case with this one. Hear where Somewhere in Time Podcast ranks this album amongst the best albums of 1992 and a lot more.

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Best of Somewhere in Time – Forgotten Gems

In this best-of-episode, the focus is on albums that were “forgotten gems”, or albums that were revisited with low expectations, that were actually very good. Whether it be the case that the guys had simply forgotten how good the album was or perhaps they’d never even heard the album before, there are some good stories that go with each of the albums discussed in this episode. 

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