1993 – Episode 10 Part 1 – I Hear Black (Album)

In the first part of a two-part episode, Somewhere in Time discuss two more albums celebrating 30 year anniversaries – “I Hear Black” by Overkill and “Something Wicked” by Nuclear Assault. This two part episode is all about New York and New Jersey bands, all of which have a somewhat different sound on each of their 1993 releases. Part 2 will feature albums from Anthrax and Type O Negative.

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1993 – Episode 9 – Sabaccultura

Somewhere in Time Podcast once again welcomes Greg Gonzalez to the podcast as they discuss the 1993 album “Chaos A.D.” by Sepultura. Topics of discussion include where we were and how we first heard about this album, and how this compares to other Sepultura albums. Among many other things.

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1993 – Episode 8 Part 2 – Windshield Smashing Fun

In Part 2 of a 2-Part episode, Somewhere in Time welcome Greg Gonzalez and Rob Harris back to the podcast to discuss the Clutch album, “Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes and Undeniable Truths”. This is the debut, full-length album from Clutch. Tim, Joe, Eric, and Keith grew up in the D.C. area and fell in love with this band in 1993. Among many other topics, this episode covers their discovery, as well as how Rob and Greg came to find out about this band, and their reaction upon hearing them the first time.

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1993 – Episode 8 Part 1 – Snapcase

In Part 1 of a 2-Part episode, Somewhere in Time welcome Greg Gonzalez and Rob Harris to the podcast to discuss Buffalo’s own Snapcase. The album is 1993’s “Lookinglasself”. Rob and Greg grew up in Buffalo and played in a hard-core band who were contemporaries of Snapcase.  Episode 2 will feature D.C. native’s, Clutch. Part 1 dives deep into the Buffalo hard-core scene and Greg and Rob have a lot of great stories about growing up with Snapcase and other Buffalo hard-core bands.

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1993 – Episode 7 – Don’t Let Lemmy Kiss Me

Episode 7 of their discussion on albums celebrating 30-year anniversaries this year finds Somewhere in Time Podcast talking all things “Bastards” by Motorhead. A relatively under looked album by Motorhead, mostly due to lack of wide distribution to America, the album is kind of a return to form after March or Die, but also features some really thrashy and heavier stuff for Motorhead. 

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1993 – Episode 5 – Detuned guitars of Olympia

Episode five of Somewhere in Time’s retrospective look on albums from the year 1993 has them discussing the albums “Pussy Whipped” by Bikini Kill and “In Utero” by Nirvana. These bands have a pretty significant connection when it comes to the sounds coming out of Seattle in the early 90’s and a very significant connection regarding a specific song. This is the last full length album of original material from Nirvana. How does it compare to their megahit album, Nevermind?

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1993 – Episode 4 – Grandma’s Pot Pie

In episode four of Somewhere in Time’s retrospective look at albums from the year 1993, Eric, Tim, Joe, and Keith are joined by Keith’s friend Marshall to discuss the album In the Shadows by Mercyful Fate. This was a return to Mercyful Fate after an eight-year absence, while King Diamond focused on his solo career. Does this one hold up to the first two Mercyful Fate albums? How does this compare to the Kind Diamond solo albums? Oh, and who’s that drummer on “Return of the Vampire”?

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1993 – Episode 3 – Lucky Face

Somewhere in Time Podcast returns with their third episode in a series of episodes discussing albums celebrating 30 years. This time, it’s all about the album “vs” by Pearl Jam. This is actually the first album to feature Dave Abbruzzese on drums, and also features Eddie Vedder on guitar on a couple songs. These topics and many other interesting facts are discussed on this episode.

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1993 – Episode 2 – Invisible Pole

In Episode 2 of their discussion on albums from the year 1993, Somewhere in Time talk all things “Houdini” by Melvins. Topics of discussion include the impact that this band had on the grunge scene, how much did Kurt Cobain contribute as a credited “producer”, how does this album compare to their other releases, and a breakdown of the tracks.

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