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1991 – Episode 6 – Cheesy Seas

Continuing their discussion surrounding albums celebrating 30 years, Eric, Tim, Joe, and Keith take a trip on the seas of cheese and dive into the 1991 album by Primus, “Sailing the Seas of Cheese”.

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1991 – Episode 1 – Tommy Victor

In the first episode in a series discussing albums from the year 1991, Eric, Tim, Joe, and Keith are honored to welcome Tommy Victor from Prong!
Tommy discusses the 1991 Prong album, “Prove You Wrong” with the guys and gives some really amazing insight to the making of that record. The guys were truly thrilled to be able to spend an evening chatting with Tommy and hope to have him back soon! 

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Outtakes – Vol. 2

This episode features unreleased clips from previous episodes in 2020 that didn’t make the final cut. This includes episodes featuring previous guests, such as Chris Dechiara, Justin Hassler, and Erik Josephson. And, of course, the regulars, Eric, Tim, Joe, and Keith are featured as well.  We’ll be back soon to discuss albums from 1991, but for now, enjoy these fun Outtakes! 

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Best of 2020

In this episode, Tim and Eric discuss their favorite albums from the year 2020, including albums from Deftones, Testament, Sepultura, Killer Be Killed, Armored Saint, Stone Temple Pilots, Mr. Bungle, and more.

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1985 & 2020 – Iron Maiden Live

Eric, Tim, Joe and Keith are, once again, joined by fellow musician and friend of the show, Chris DeChiara. This time, the discussion is all about live albums from Iron Maiden. Both the 1985 classic “Live After Death” and the most recent album from 2020, “Nights of the Dead” are discussed.

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1980 – Episode 6 – Iron Maiden

Eric, Tim, Joe and Keith are joined by fellow musician and friend of the show, Chris DeChiara to discuss the debut 1980 album from Iron Maiden. Chris is in several bands in the Washington, D.C. area, including an Iron Maiden tribute band, Eyes of the Nile. This episode gives the debut Maiden album the track by track breakdown treatment.

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