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1990 – Episode 8 – “Why is it always Johnny?”. The following albums/bands are discussed:
Queensryche – “Empire”
Testament – “Souls of Black”
Iron Maiden – “No Prayer for the Dying” 

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Open Mic – Vol 1 – Taking the Piss

In the first of a (potential) series of episodes, Somewhere in Time Podcast invited listeners to be part of the podcast. As a result, Tim and Eric were joined by Paul, Justin, and Mike. Paul has participated in previous episodes, but this was the first time Justin and Mike joined in on the fun.

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1990 – Episode 4 – Tsunami of Badassery

Eric, Tim, Keith, and Joe are joined by none other than Craig Locicero, guitarist from Forbidden and currently Dress the Dead! Craig joins in on the conversation around 3 more classic metal albums from 1990, specifically from the San Francisco Bay Area: 
Forbidden – “Twisted Into Form”
Death Angel – “Act III” 
Vio-Lence – “Oppressing the Masses” 

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